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Fifty by Thirty – EPA Landfill Diversion Goal Set!

There are cities and towns that separately already have landfill diversion above 50%. However, most municipalities in the United States have not yet met this diversion goal. The easiest way to meet this goal for most municipalities? Divert all compostable organics out of the landfill. Why? Because organics comprise about half of what goes into US landfills. It’s a challenge most cities could meet almost immediately just with this one change. It would also reduce methane emissions in landfills because organics is the main source of landfill methane emissions. Nationwide, organics diversion would kill two birds with one stone: 50% diversion and national methane emission reduction by 18%.

Learn more about it at this EPA page (offsite).

Factsheet (Offsite)

Let’s close the gap before 2030!

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