Growing the Movement Methane Action Webinar

COOLNow Spring 2022
Call To Action

April 13, 2022, 12 – 2pm EST
9 – 11am PST, Zoom
, Free

Compost and resource management professionals and community organizers are invited to attend this urgent call to action.

We will discuss current initiatives, brainstorm and plan Spring activities – including organizing monthly state or regional Zoom meetings and quarterly network meetings.

This campaign will support local organizers in expanding their programs to remanage organics out of landfills and into composting facilities in order to reduce methane emissions and promote healthy soils.

Waste Expo Food
Recovery Forum

Las Vegas, May 9 -12, 2022

Come see us at the Food Recovery Forum!

On 5/10 Rick Anthony is giving a COOLNow update at the Innovations, Mandates and Sustainable Solutions in Food Waste and Organics Diversion Panel and teaching Introduction To Zero Waste on 5/12.

On 5/9 Program Director Portia Sinnott and Program Coordinator Chris Sparnicht are speaking on
Strategies for Preventing and Recovering Wasted Food from Businesses and Institutions. The associated materials – including the Assessment Checklist can be found here.


The EPA estimates that 40-50% of what is currently landfilled is compostable organics – yard debris, scrap wood, food and unrecyclable paper products. When these materials decompose, they emit methane, a greenhouse gas over twenty times more impactful than carbon dioxide.


When composted properly and spread on open land, compost greatly increases the soils ability to absorb and utilize atmospheric carbon. In addition, it extends the life of gardens, landscape and farms, providing plant nourishment and conserving water and resources.

Get COOL Now! Get Compostable Organics Out of the Landfills Now!

This site is dedicated to reducing landfill methane production. We need to divert compostables today, now! Hence, the name of our program, COOLNow. We hope you’ll follow along on our journey!

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