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State of the Art of Organics Management

Tuesday, July 9, 2024
10am, Pacific Time

Learn from industry experts Nora Goldstein and Craig Coker as they discuss the latest innovations in compostable organics diversion from landfills to reduce methane emissions.

COOLNow Webinar July 9


The EPA estimates that 40-50% of what is currently landfilled is compostable organics – yard debris, scrap wood, food and unrecyclable paper products. When these materials decompose, they emit methane, a greenhouse gas over twenty times more impactful than carbon dioxide.


When composted properly and spread on open land, compost greatly increases the soils ability to absorb and utilize atmospheric carbon. In addition, it extends the life of gardens, landscape and farms, providing plant nourishment and conserving water and resources.

Get COOL Now! Get Compostable Organics Out of the Landfills Now!

This site is dedicated to reducing landfill methane production. We need to divert compostables today, now! Hence, the name of our program, COOLNow. We hope you’ll follow along on our journey!

A Sustainable Tomorrow

The Dragon Lurking Beneath Our Waste

In the depths of our landfills, a slumbering dragon lies poised to waken. It’s not a mythical creature, but a stark reality that demands our attention: methane, a potent greenhouse gas 28 times more devastating than carbon dioxide [1], seeps out of landfills, fueling climate chaos. The culprit? Compostable organics – food waste, yard trimmings,…
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