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Growing the Movement – Methane Action Webinar

Compostable Organics Out Of Landfill (COOLNow)

April 13, 2022, 12 – 2pm EST
9 – 11am PST, Zoom – Free

The Compostable Organics Out Of Landfill (COOLNow) Chair Richard Anthony invites compost and resource management professionals and community organizers to attend this urgent call to action.

We will discuss current initiatives, brainstorm and plan Spring activities, monthly state or regional virtual meetings and quarterly network meetings.

This campaign will support local organizers in expanding their programs to remanage organics out of landfills and into composting facilities in order to reduce methane emissions and promote healthy soils.

Free Methane Action Webinar! Find out more about COOLNow on this website!


  • Richard Anthony, Vice President Of Advocacy, Zero Waste USA, President, Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA), Principal, Zero Waste Associates, San Diego CA
  • Sally Brown, Research Associate Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • Stuart Buckner, Buckner Environmental Associates, Ronkonkoma,, NY
  • Peter Anderson, President of RecycleWorlds Consulting and Executive Director, Center for a Competitive Waste Industry, Madison, WI
  • Kevin Drew, Carbon Positive Futures and Zero Waste Coordinator, San Francisco Department of Environment, Petaluma, CA


  • Chris Sparnicht, Program Manager
  • Portia Sinnott, Program Director Zero Waste USA

Organized by COOLNow Chair Richard Anthony of Zero Waste USA and the National Recycling Coalition Board.

Brought to you by Zero Waste USA

Featured image is a combination of two concepts. The background is the “climate stripes” concept created by climatologist Ed Hawkins as a visual representation of the indisputable trend toward climate warming. The pie chart overlaid is a graphical representation of the Methane Emissions in 2020 as shown in the US EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Index of 2021 (GHGI 2021). Together they show the 17 percent of emissions that could be easily controlled today by legislation to remove compostable organics out of landfills. Let’s do this!

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  1. This is the lightbulb moment… It’s the easiest 17% of methane emissions to manage. By bringing together legislative efforts at local, state and federal levels, we make a serious difference in very little time and within existing infrastructure with the simple remanagement of food, food-dirty paper, and other organic compostables right out of the landfill and into healthy soils. We can do this!

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