Book: Garbage Land

No Pumpkin Pie?

Lynne Rossetto Kasper has retired from hosting a fantastic NPR radio show called Splendid Table. However, episode 570 from Thanksgiving, November 2014 offered some information about hunger. About 16 minutes into the episode, Lynne spoke with Author Elizabeth Royte on her (then) new book Garbage Land.

She offers as a look on how we Americans waste food.

Some stats…

  • 41 million people go hungry yearly.
  • 162 billion dollars worth of food isn’t eaten yearly – one third of all the food in the US.
  • Check out: The High Cost of Food Waste – Article by Elizabeth Royte in NatGeo

In Garbage Land, acclaimed science writer Elizabeth Royte leads us on the wild adventure that begins once our trash hits the bottom of the can.

Quoting from her Amazon book description…

Check out Lynne Rosetto Kasper’s interview here!

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